Then and Now

Hey readers! Get ready for some prophetic history about this trip that you may (or may not) have wanted to know! 

*whips out a chalkboard and an extendable pointer, puts on a tweed jacket and adjusts nerdy prophessor (get it?) glasses*

Thank you for bearing with me as I get into some stuff that I loved learning about. 

There were a few people involved in the events leading up to our outreach, Amy Ward being one of them (prophet aforementioned in dis blog). 

In 2010 Amy had an encounter with God that marked her forever and set her on the journey towards seeing a new movement rise in America. The movement was put in her heart when she experienced two visitations from an angel. #casual

The angel carried a scroll and spoke about the American revivalists called Circuit Riders*.  Amy had a picture of fiery lines across the nation that represented the next generation of Circuit Riders that God was releasing across America. 

Fast-forward to 2013. Circuit Riders is by now an official movement in America and that year, John-Mark Dyer (previous F&F student/awesome person) and Amy both go to Norway’s first Circuit Riders DTS. It was there that Amy got another prophetic picture. This time she saw fiery lines of revival crossing Norway and going out to other nations. 

2016 came around and by this time connections between Circuit Riders/Fire and Fragrance and Norway had grown. That year, JMD and Richard (my outreach leader) got together in Molde with a bunch of Norwegian alumni from past Fire and Fragrance schools.

This is where it gets relevant to our team!

At this gathering John-Mark was praying and interceding with the alumni and as he did, he got an impression. He felt that God wanted to raise up 20 pioneers to travel all across Norway with the heart of the Circuit Riders. 

Guess what? Without considering that prophetic word, our school leaders put together a team of 20 people to go to Norway! And with this trip we became the first group from Kona/Circuit Riders to criss-cross the nation! So crazy! We are the 20 pioneers! 

Our story has been woven so intricately into God’s tapestry. Everything we’ve done and will do comes under his plans and his purposes. It’s so exciting to think that every single person in our team was meant to go to Norway, even our 5 littlest travellers, down to 10 month-old Zeph. Because of this outreach and all the prophetic history behind it, I feel so keen to continue on this journey and I feel encouraged to partner with God’s heart for Norway as much as I can!


Our final weeks in Norway definitely felt like the best ones. We drove from beautiful Bergen all the way back to Molde and found ourselves right at home and ready to get stuck in. We love Molde because of the sheer hunger, unity and love of the community there. There was so much fruit because of the people’s willingness and readiness for more of God’s Spirit to pour out on that town. 

Last time I was in Molde, I became friends with a man who asked for healing and God totally came through for him (check out blog entry ‘TESTIFY‘). This time I was so honoured to meet his wife, to be invited into their home, to have dinner with the whole family and to hear even more about what God has done in both their lives since that healing. 

Through him I saw the reason for God’s miracles more clearly than ever. It was about restoring hope, love and intimacy not just within this family but with God himself. God wanted to reveal his nature and presence in a tangible way to a struggling son and daughter. I was so humbled by their openness and trust. They showed me how much God loves to use his little children to do things far bigger than could they could have imagined. I think knowing them and sharing life with them was the greatest highlight of Norway.

Molde also marked me with how much undeserved favour God gives us in what we consider our worst times. One Saturday night, me and three others in our team got to help out with a youth evening where mostly unsaved teens got together to play games and hang out. Pretty standard. I was feeling really low emotionally and physically and I didn’t honestly have many expectations for that evening.  

Despite that, God showed who he was and showed that no matter what you felt, he was bigger than that. I saw a kid with a cast on his arm and offered to pray for his fractured arm. He excitedly told me that the pain went down a lot after prayer. He was a Christian so I was happy he could thank Jesus for it. I moved on and played games with a bunch of other teenagers.

Later, one of the youth leaders brought over three of the teenage boys who wanted to know more about the healing! I explained why God heals and that he loves us and that it was normal for Jesus to heal people. They were super interested and to cut a long story short, one boy was healed of knee pain and another got given words of knowledge. Those miracles brought both of them into relationship with Jesus and filled with Holy Spirit! God lavished his faithfulness and goodness because his vision was so much bigger than my circumstance and I’m so grateful to have learned that lesson. 

Many more stories and testimonies and lessons came out of Molde (and Norway in general) but all I can do is give glimpses and I’ve been learning that that’s ok!

Our debrief week was spent in YWAM Grimerud, talking about highlights and challenges and the team and all sorts. It was the weirdest hardest thing to finally face the end of our time there. 

I am finally back in Kona and I’m so so excited to share some of my plans when I next post!

*In the 18th and 19th century, Methodist preachers would criss-cross America on horse-back, spreading the gospel and and preaching to communities that belonged to their assigned ‘circuits’. Hans Nielsen Hauge was unofficially a Norwegian Circuit Rider that preached across the nation. He helped make Norway into the wealthy nation it is now by pioneering industries in towns and villages. 


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