Full Circle

Dear faithful readers (all 3 of you, hi Mum and Dad!), guess what?? Our team is back in Molde!

I’m so happy to return to this city that was the first to welcome us. It’s like coming back home, with familiar faces and familiar sights. Already we’ve reconnected with people like old friends even though we’ve only known them for two months! But first…


Kristiansand’s YWAM base is on an island called Flekkerøy just off the coast. The majority of buildings on this island consist of colourful summer boathouses for Norwegians on holiday. Needless to say, it was another picturesque location to stay at. We had a blast worshipping and evangelising with the leaders of the Christian Union (called Laget) at Agder University.


One highlight from that week was an evening called Carry the Love*. We got together a bunch of students and praised God and preached on repentance and being filled with Holy Spirit. It was a great time of ministering to the students with prayer and speaking what we felt God saying to them. We decided to have a fire tunnel at the end and it was completely wild. (A fire tunnel is where you have a line of people going through the middle of two rows of other people who pray for the line going through, I’m making it sound complicated but it’s not haha) Many students walking through wept or laughed or fell or trembled as they felt God’s spirit on them! It was amazing to stir up these guys with a desire to seek more of the Holy Spirit.

We then travelled to Bergen (visiting Richard’s family on the way) and found ourselves in the middle of the most beautiful city we’ve been to in Norway! This was the city that was home to Brann Stadion, which translates to FIRE Stadium!!! We were so encouraged by the dreams on the hearts of the believers here. In 2018 they plan on holding a MASSIVE event at the stadium to pray and intercede for Norway! We felt God connecting our hearts with these amazing leaders and loved worshipping and evangelising in the city with them. The word given to them has been of revival springing up in Bergen and spreading to the rest of the nation. I can’t wait to see what God does through these people and I hope to stay connected with them for the future!


We celebrated May 17th (National Day) in style with a literal parade of people walking through the city! The masses came out to enjoy a sunny day of ice cream and hot dogs. I’ve never seen so much beautiful patriotism.

The most powerful time in Bergen for me though was an evening with a youth group called Kanal U. We loved the passionate teenagers we met there! There was a special anointing for joy and whole-hearted devotion in the room as people got filled with Holy Spirit and we did yet another crazy fire tunnel.

In my next blog post I want to go into the vision behind this outreach and the history that has led to this point. It’ll make more sense why we bothered to even come to Norway and why this trip has been so significant as a whole. Aside from the ministry that we’ve had a share in helping with, this outreach fits into a bigger picture that God is weaving for this nation. 

Speaking personally though, walking side by side with God in the middle of ‘ministry’ has been such a joy and a test of character. I’ve found that the innumerable moments of glory that God shows us in miracles and visible encounters with Holy Spirit are so inferior to the experience of intimacy with him. Knowing I am loved no matter what I’m seeing in front of me is the most valuable thing I’m learning in this. This mission has made me realise that I have a lot to learn in balancing every day life with seeking his face. 

But he is so gracious. His love is never changing and never ending. He sees my mess ups and pulls me closer to him. He makes me peaceful and full of life and he’s so much fun. I want to know his fun side so much more! He’s a hilarious God sometimes. He humbles me and he lifts me up. He is my best friend. His voice is kind, his voice is clear. I want to know him so much more. He is a person not a thing. I want to come back to my first love always. No strings attached, no ulterior motives. I’m hungry for him. I’m so thirsty to know him and his love more intimately. I stand on the truth that he loves me, and there’s no need to strive for it. 

Look out for my next blog post coming to a screen near you!  

*Carry the Love comes under the Circuit Riders movement currently operating in America and being pioneered in Norway. For more info on Circuit Riders check out: http://www.crmovement.com


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