Heart to Heart

Hi everyone!

First off, THANK YOU to everyone who looks at this! It’s great to know people can read up on some of the things going on in Norway. I keep telling people that I wish there was a way of physically carrying all my family and friends wherever I went so that there could be a better understanding of what this time has been like. I know that the attention span for most people when reading a blog is kinda short (I know mine is) so I try to keep posts relatively short too. I’ll talk about more of what’s been going on in just a bit but before I go on, I want to explain more of what’s going on in my heart.

I’ve loved being a part of this fiery team, but when I think of home, recently what I’ve felt is something akin to grief. God has been taking me on this journey and as I’ve walked out in obedience to his voice, I’ve been coming to the realisation that I am moving away from things that I’m familiar with, especially when it comes to people. I want to stay connected with people from home so much even though I know that I can’t possibly maintain the same intimacy with them that I had before. There have been moments of true heartbreak since I’ve been away, time and distance somehow distorting what is real and what is true in a relationship. Friendships strain under the pressure and misunderstanding and offence inevitably ensue.

If you’re reading and you are a friend of mine who has felt this sense of disconnection, know that I love you so much and that I am available to you. I love you so so much and I want to say sorry for anything that has hindered us from being close and open. You are valuable to me. 

God has been so kind and has been a comfort and steadfast friend through all of it. I wish I was better at listening to his voice instead of my own sometimes haha it would save me a lot of needless worrying.

Now for the travel update!

Since the last post, we’ve travelled to Grimerud and are currently staying in a beautiful city called Skien (pronounced ‘Sheeyun’). Tomorrow we’ll be off to Kristiansand and after that we will go to Bergen and finally Molde again!

Our time in Grimerud was much longer than our other stays (14 days) and during that time we helped out with a lot of the refugee work that the Grimerud YWAM base have been doing over past couple of years. They appreciated the fact that we brought a lot of music and joy when we were there with them. We got to interact with families and single guys waiting for their residential permits and passports and it was great to simply love on them and not evangelise. It was great to just water the seeds in their hearts!

We also did some street evangelism in the nearest city/town called Hamar. Some people in our team had an amazing time of street ministry when they started to sing and play worship music and gathered a big group of people who could not help but stop and watch. Others in our team began to pray and bless people with encounters with Holy Spirit. Some even got healed in their bodies! It was so unusual for that to EVER happen in Hamar apparently. Nothing like that had happened in forever and it was a cry in the spirit that declared God’s kingdom had come to this city! Hamar is one of the most hard-hearted cities in Norway when it comes to the gospel so we were encouraged that it was something that went against that mindset.

We got to attend youth groups at two different churches and again saw amazing encounters with God at both places. Preaching, worship, words of knowledge and prophecy were core parts of this ministry and it was fun to hang out with the teenagers!

We had a day off with the Fire and Fragrance School Leaders who were going round all the outreach locations to encourage and exhort the teams! We had a great time in Oslo and went crazy at an amusement park that was so much fun! I got to chat to Jeff (one of the school leaders) about Fire and Fragrance and what God could have in mind for the next steps. I know that anything can happen after DTS and I’m just excited to enjoy the outreach right now knowing God has that next part sorted when I’m ready for it.

Skien has been a great city to stay in. The YWAM base here is a renovated prison that took some serious work to transform but is an amazing base as a result. Here our time has been a mix of more street evangelism/worship and partnering with the base’s ministry to refugees. Soon we go onwards to our next location: Kristiansand!

Again, thanks for reading and all my love to everyone at home! Hope I can chat with you soon!



One thought on “Heart to Heart

  1. Darling thank you as ever for your open heart. May God hold and heal you AS he uses you;)! Much much love Mama PS Your attic room awaits you for as long or as short a time / times you are in Oxford

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