I realised when I was reading the last post that I never gave any specific testimonies about what Jesus has done in the places where we’ve ministered! 

Amongst the many we ministered to in Molde, there was one testimony that stood out to me. All the work we did was in partnership with a church called the Molde Fellowship. They were the ones who hosted most of our ministry opportunities and will be continuing the work once we’ve left Norway. I’m excited because Fire and Fragrance will likely be sending more teams to these areas after we’re gone. It’s crazy how some in the team are getting such a heart for Norway and might want to come here to continue ministry. 

Anyway, one of the men who regularly attended this Fellowship was a 30-something father that I met  at the back of the Methodist church during a worship night. We started talking because there was an offer for healing from our team and he wanted prayer. 

What stood out to me was his humble, gentle personality that was so kind. His manner just made me think he must be such a good father. He spoke to me about his condition called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) which incapacitated him and prevented him from just doing life. He couldn’t do anything for long because he would get exhausted. His symptoms included pain in his muscles, especially in his arms, and he couldn’t eat all sorts of food. 

I ended up praying for healing and prophesying over him by speaking into him his royal identity as a son of God. It was so tender and touching. I had a picture of an angel ministering to him and putting something down his throat. I told him about this image and he surprisingly said he had a separate condition that gave him bad acid reflux. Three times he has had to have a camera put down his throat with a tube of some sort. He said it was a really uncomfortable process and I prayed for his acid reflux too. It was so amazing to have such a random image confirmed and to minister to all parts of his body! I believed for him even though his own faith was not too high, but he agreed with me in prayer. A week later he came back to the church for a similar kind of worship night. 

It was incredible

He came to me saying he had the most amazing week ever. He was so eager! He said that he didn’t know where to start haha. He said usually his sickness was up and down but for a year his sickness had been so bad he couldn’t work. He would start on something and not be able to finish it. His heart always wanted to do more. 

He would talk about what life was like before, and then he would smile so widely and say “But this week…” 

He told me that this week he had so much energy and motivation!!! He said he was able to eat all kinds of food he’d not been able to eat before, he had no more pain in his muscles and most of all he had no signs of fatigue. He told me with delight that he dug a ditch for an internet cable and did it all day with only a normal level of tiredness!

We celebrated by worshipping and then he mentioned his acid reflux still hadn’t changed. I then prayed that the angel’s surgery would be finished in that instant. He coughed and he said it was like the tube was being taken out! He began weeping as we prayed together.

I was so blown away. Not only did God perform such a miraculous healing in his life, but he received Holy Spirit in a new way and asked to be awakened in his own gift of healing. I spent ages talking and praying with him and felt such a heart connection to him.

PRAISE GOD!!! That was one of my true highlights from our time there. There are so many others but that was so good. 

Ok so quick catch up since then, we’re currently staying about 20 minutes from Namsos at a potential YWAM base in Vassbotna. Our hosts (a lovely Norwegian couple with three kids) bought this unused centre with almost all the money they had and have been renovating and cleaning it for 9 months! Our stay here is meant to be a time to recalibrate and reconnect as a team. 

Nevertheless, we still set aside time to minister to people in the area. We went to the shopping mall together in Namsos for a time of evangelism and I just felt this sense of conviction that this was supposed to be normal life. Approaching people with God’s compassion and love shouldn’t feel pressured or unnatural and we just shopped as we stepped out in faith. I learned that quite often the most fruitful time of evangelism was when we stepped out in compassion. 

Near the end of the outing, me and two others in the team went outside on a veranda facing a beautiful fjord with mountains in the backdrop. Sitting together were three Afghan men and I felt this desire to just bless them. We approached and said what we were doing (blessing people in the name of Jesus). 

One of them had a bandage on two of his fingers where he’d sliced himself whilst cooking. I asked if we could pray for healing and he said yes! They were so open to any prayer! So we prayed and checked how his fingers were feeling. He felt no change so we prayed twice more. We chatted and they said they had not heard the whole story of Jesus! So I shared the gospel with them and they listened!!! At the end of it I checked with the injured man and he said all pain had gone from his fingers. It was awesome to have that healing at the end of the conversation so I could say that Jesus had done it and he was still alive and not dead! I told them that we believed Jesus lived in us and that God is a Father who loves us and wants to be close to us.  

We left them and I felt such peace about the meeting. We prayed together later that they would meet Jesus in dreams and visions, just like so many other Muslims who are meeting Jesus this way around the world.

In short, our time has been fruitful and I can’t wait to see more! As a team, we’ve been able to bring things up that would otherwise have been boiling under the surface. We’ve been doing our best to be transparent with each other and as a result, we’ve become healthier emotionally and spiritually. I can see so much glory in each person in our time and it’s a joy to share life with them all. 

Thanks God for the planted seeds! Grow them into fullness and fruitfulness! 

(Photo location – Ålesund)


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