Norwegian Glory

First Norway post WOOHOOO!!! As you can imagine, tons has happened already in our first week of being here! 

We flew from Kona on the 27th March and arrived in Oslo on the 29th. It felt like the longest journey in the world haha. Our flights were Kona – Los Angeles – Minneapolis – Paris – Oslo.

Super crazy.

We did well for the majority of the journey, I watched some amazing movies on the flights (Julie & Julia, La La Land, National Geographic’s series called Mars) and some other meh films (Jurassic World, some of Trolls). 

The journey included some great Spirit-led opportunities to love people. My favourite part of it was a conversation I had with a lady on the flight to Paris. We connected over our love for French culture and I shared about YWAM and why we were travelling to Norway. She started weeping when I asked if I could pray for anything and shared about a friend who had cancer. The trust and love in her eyes was so touching and heart-rending. 

The last leg of the journey was definitely a test of endurance with my lack of sleep and the restlessness of the small kids haha. I needed Holy Spirit to give me focus and peace as we got to Oslo and made our way to the train with our mountains of luggage! 

On the platform we relished the crisp cold breeze on our faces and savoured the smooth glide of the sleek train. We eventually arrived in a town called Grimerud after zipping past snow-covered hills and vast fjords, past small shacks and large barns, neat docks and rocky beaches. It was beautiful! It was also very difficult to stay awake.

Our first three days in Grimerud (biggest YWAM base in Norway btw fyi ftw) were spent acclimatising and serving the team there. We helped in the kitchen, the dining areas and the barn (actually being used as a barn, what a novelty). We also got to minister to some of the students who were learning about Holy Spirit that day on their DTS. We had an evening of people getting delivered (spiritually and emotionally) and healed! Already God was moving powerfully through us and we were half asleep from jet lag! His grace can work through anything ha.

We never expected it at the start of spring but to our delight we witnessed heavy, fat flakes of SNOW falling all around on our second day there! It blanketed the ground with a few inches and we enjoyed acting like kids for an afternoon haha. 

On the third day me and Chris picked up our Norwegian outreach leader Richard from the YWAM base in Skien and drove a van each back to Grimerud. 4 hours of driving on winding, wet roads was crazy haha. It was fun! Richard’s windscreen wipers broke so we had to drive the last hour super slowly because it was dark and raining. #WINNING

After one more night in comfortable Grimerud, we headed off again and this time drove to Molde. That was 6 hours but it went by really quickly this time because there were people to talk to in the van! The terrain transformed as we went further North and gradually the hills became mountains and the sides of the valleys became steeper and snowier. We passed frozen fjords and waterfalls and wild countryside and small towns. There have been no elk spottings yet! 

After taking a ferry across one fjord, we drove into Molde with stunning views of the mountains all around. Nothing compared to seeing it for the first time! 

Our base in Molde is a Methodist Church and ever since we arrived we’ve had so many times of ministry through worship, intercession, healing, deliverances, cleaning the church, making food for refugees, prophecy, words of knowledge and more!!! All of it has been for the purpose of showing God’s eternal, infinite love. Our leaders truly keep us on track by reminding us always to humbly submit all the glory to God!

There have been challenges along the way needless to say. Some days have been exhausting or chaotic or frustrating but God has been faithful to use us through it all. He shows his perfection and grace and mercy most when we are weak and we’re all so grateful for that.

Please pray for us to stay in unity and love with one another because it has been good so far but already the enemy is at the door trying to find a way in to divide us. We are strong in this family and we will not let the enemy have any say in the work God has for us! 

Thank you for your love and support. The time has been short but it has been stretched out a lot so it feels longer! If you wish to support me you still can! The Paypal link is on the About page. 

Please let me know if you want to be aware of potential future plans that I’m currently praying over. I would love to share what I’m thinking and considering after my DTS is finished!

So much love!


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