Ready To Go

As of today I am a week and a half away from departing Kona and going to Norway!!!

The last few days have been so encouraging and support has been pouring in! My outreach fees are ALL accounted for, PRAISE THE LORD!!! My parents generously volunteered to loan me a large sum so any excess I receive will be sent to them! Thank you to all who donated, I can’t express how much it meant to me to have that support. Most importantly though, please remember to pray for our ministry while we’re out there! 

Since my last post, we’ve had Todd White visit in Week 8, Will Hart (Iris Ministries, C.O.O.) in Week 9 and Teo Hayashi (Dunamis Movement) in Week 10! It’s hard to capture what weeks 8 & 9 were like, partly because of the crashing in of Holy Spirit in the meetings and partly because the style of the speakers was very… non-linear. Hahaha

Todd White spoke on holiness and being like Jesus to the world in every way so that we could represent him perfectly! There was such a conviction and desperation that week to lay aside everything that hindered us from seeing God’s kingdom come. His life was so completely dependant on Jesus! I made a choice that week to run after this with all I had! 

Will Hart spoke on a number of things, mainly focussing on the impact of Holy Spirit on his life and his ministry. My favourite thing that week was getting to know Holy Spirit very personally. In one meeting he hit me so hard that I ended up stuck to the floor for an hour, shaking and trembling and unable to get up! It was pretty crazy. 

Will also spoke about the true cost of following Jesus. When you truly say yes to God and agree for him to take over your life, he takes you up on that offer. It was a sobering moment to come to God, knowing that our yes meant a yes to suffering, a yes to persecution, yes to discomfort and yes to God’s discipline for the sake of showing Jesus to the world.

I said yes to being put wherever he wanted me. If it was serving him in church, in an office job, in a cafe, in politics, in the arts, in business, in a foreign country or even at home in the UK, I said my yes. He knows my heart. I gave him permission to do ALL he needed to do in order to use me fully. 

It was a packed couple of weeks and I was pretty wrecked at the end. My quiet times have been vital for recharging in the presence of God. He has been faithful every time as I’ve come to him with all my worries and doubts. His peace just keeps coming as I approach him!

Teo Hayashi was a nice change of pace this week because he focussed on practical aspects of prophetic and healing ministry. We’ve been getting into words of knowledge and prophecy and we’ve been practicing over each other. I can tell you the words for the Norway team have been incredible. God has been giving our group dreams and words for our purpose in Norway. 

This is what we sense about this outreach: We are a pioneering team. We are there to begin a new movement of gospel sharers to Norway and we are there to ignite fires of revival across the nation. We feel that Norway’s revival in turn is going to be the igniter of revival in the rest of Europe! We feel so strongly about this that even now, some of us are ready to move there after DTS if God tells us to.


Next post will be from Norway! I CAN’T WAIT! 


One thought on “Ready To Go

  1. I managed to miss most of your outreach phase! This 3 months has flown by. I’m just after reading back through your blog and it’s amazing I can see the difference even in your expression of Jesus how much you’re getting out of this experience already!

    Norway dude. Wow! Where about are you? Got a few friends in different bases there.
    Must be a shock to go from tropical to snow again!
    Toosan tak for your vulnerability and honesty so far.
    Have a blast there
    Your pal Kit.


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