Heating Up

I gotta say, God likes to shake us a little when we think we’re settling haha. I’m coming to the end of week 7 and things don’t get boring or quiet for long I can tell you that. 

Holy Spirit week with Amy Ward was insanely good and it’s still been my favourite week so far. She shared her testimony in full and it made all of us gape at the things God did in her life from a young age. When she was saved, she immediately had the gift of a seer and prophet. Her journey was one of learning how to use these gifts while keeping her intimacy with Jesus as her highest priority in life. We gained so much knowledge of the spiritual and the supernatural through her testimony, but more than that we gained wisdom in the application of this to our daily lives. 

Near the end of the week, there was a time when she shared with us the vision of where God was taking us as a school and how we would be released in the earth as revivalists. She said God was strategically going to put us in every place of society and culture to get ready for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit across the world. 

She came to end of that and as she did, I felt this urge to declare my YES to God’s massive purposes and plans. I stood up because I wanted to show him I was here, willing to be sent by Him. My face was streaming with tears and when I stood up, she spotted me and started prophesying over me

The Holy Spirit fell so strongly in the room that as she spoke over me, people were weeping and crying. Why, you ask? Many later came up to me and said that they had felt the intense love of God over me. One guy said he’d not cried once since being on this DTS. He said he cried for me because of the power of God’s love poured out in that prophecy. 

Amy told me a number of things. She spoke about my future as a travelling evangelist across Europe and about the confidence that God would be giving me soon that would burn away all my insecurities. She broke off the mocking spirit that had followed me during my childhood years and spoke about the inheritance I was receiving from my family history of revivalists. It was a lot, and it was pretty incredible!

You can imagine my reaction. I bawled like a baby. I had always wanted this kind of impact and influence and fruit in my life. Here was God, affirming my future by showing his compassion and favour on my past. 

I believe that part of God’s purpose for this prophecy was to show a chapter of one book in a whole library of stories making up the Fire and Fragrance school. I really believe that I’m not any better than anyone else following Jesus. He just wanted to show us what he could do through one willing person. God spoke through Amy to reveal his awesome love for every person. That is the mark of a real prophet: someone who simply communicates God’s love to his people. 

Two weeks have passed by since then and I’m still processing what happened! 

Week 6 & 7 covered Missions (Micah) and Worldviews (Tom Osterhus). We’ve had great teaching on how to practically share the gospel, we’ve prayed into where we will GO for Jesus (whether it’s home or abroad) and we’ve looked at the three World views (Animistic, Secular and Biblical).

Overall, I’ve gotta say that what I’m learning most is to be keenly aware of the voice of Holy Spirit and knowing that obedience is everything. His intimacy and love come first always. I think God is preparing very big steps of faith for my future and this time has been the perfect lead up to that. 

To all who have donated towards my time here and towards Norway, you’re sowing into the work of the gospel. I am here for the salvation of Nations, and I’m so grateful for all those who are enabling his dream to come alive. 

So much love to you all! 


One thought on “Heating Up

  1. Hi Nick. Just read your blog. Amazing. But I want to say I am not surprised. You have such a tender, gracious heart and model Christ so deeply that I believe he can and will use you mightily for His glory. Love you loads Dad

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