DTS Deets

So funny thing, I never actually gave any specific info about the DTS stuff like I said I would at the end of the Norway post. Herein lies a summary of my weekly schedule:

Every day of the week, I have quiet time in the morning. I try to get up at 6.30am for my prayer and Bible study (miracles happen people). This alone time with Jesus has been really precious to me. I’ve tried different locations and honestly, the Kona Prayer Room is where I focus best. I love nature so much (and God will use those times when I’m there) but I’ve found that my time is most effectively spent when I focus on him in the Prayer Room. 

Quiet time is followed by our morning sessions in the Fire and Fragrance tent with the other 140 people on the course. It gets wild. The atmosphere is always full of faith and and the people are VOCAL about it (as one might expect with a name like Fire and Fragrance). We don’t hold back in the tent, we go for it. When we encourage someone who’s spoken, we go crazy and affirm them wildly. We cheer them on and encourage everyone who steps in front of us. I LOVE IT. Praise God for passionate love and affirmation.

I often thank God when I’m in the tent because the teaching we get is gold-platinum-diamond quality. I’m so grateful for the speakers, the leaders and the staff team who all speak from years of experience with Holy Spirit. I feel like a child in a sweet store who can’t get enough. I can’t believe he’s sent me to the heart of YWAM with no other agenda than just to love and learn from God. I am in my favourite place on earth! Nothing compares!!! Each speaker is different but radically anointed. We’ve had Andy Byrd (YWAM Kona), Banning Liebscher (Jesus Culture), Taylor Stutts (YWAM), Brian Brennt (Circuit Riders) and Shannon Casteel (YWAM). Amy Ward is teaching this week on Holy Spirit and if you want to have your mind blown, go listen to her talk on the Fire and Fragrance podcast. You won’t be the same! I think she’s been my favourite so far, apart from maybe Andy Byrd who is such a humble, funny, kind leader. But like I said, each of them is different and I genuinely love them all for their unique qualities and gifts!!! 

Anyway, there’s always a coffee break in the lecture, but we keep going till 12 and have lunch for an hour. At 1pm we do either intercession in Kona Prayer Room or our specific tracks (mine is Music) till 2.45pm. I get to do some extra vocal coaching with the other singers for a couple of hours on Tuesdays (3-5pm) which is so awesome! I love sharpening my instrument. The teacher for vocals actually taught famous K-Pop bands haha it’s so random and  awesome!!! 

The evenings vary a little bit but Thursday nights we do a corporate gathering and everyone on campus (plus anyone else who wants to come) gets together for worship and a talk. These are great times for casting vision over YWAM as a whole. Friday nights are Ministry Nights for just the Fire and Fragrance peeps. This is a time of intimacy and receiving from the Holy Spirit. I’ve been so blown away by the more of the Lord and the love and joy he’s poured out in these times. 

On evenings when I’m free, I get to hang out with some stellar, loving, fun, humble, beautiful friends. The community is so easy here! I can just hang with anyone and enjoy myself and be myself. A favourite spot is the Banyan Tree Cafe. We play games and have fun but we also go deep into the things God is doing in our lives. It’s a privilege to explore God together. 

Weekends change week by week obviously. I’ve been on a trip to some of the island but apart from that the weekends are mainly a chance to chill somewhere off campus. The pier is a great spot. I’ve been snorkelling and swimming and exploring the town. 

Church-wise I’m in a funny situation. I tried going to a couple of places. They were both great for different reasons. But last Sunday I decided to get together with a bunch of keen peeps in the morning and just worship and pray together. We followed this with a time of evangelism in town. I really wanted to just have time with Jesus outside the context of our schedule. Holy Spirit CRASHED in on this time as freedom erupted in worship and prayer. The anointing was so strong we could have just stayed in that place forever. It was genuinely beautiful and Spirit led.

Such a weird thing that I’ve never felt before was that leading this time together was easy! Holy Spirit gave me authority and boldness somehow to declare and lead our time together. I’ve usually felt this sense of anxiety and insecurity when I’ve led before but this was totally different. JESUS CHANGED ME!

I also do work duty in the kitchen on Sundays and Mondays in the afternoon. That’s a good test of your servant heart right there haha but I’m glad to say I really enjoy it and I work well! 

So that’s the week in brief! God is so good to me! I’ve been completely blown away by God’s faithfullness. I’ve come alive in the realisation of my dreams and desires! It is my tree of life! 

Bless all y’all! Now let the resources of heaven come down for the trip to Norway! Praise Jesus! 


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