My outreach location is NORWAY!!!

So let me give some context here. I just wanted a cheaper flight deal. I wanted a price that was overall better than the amount I would have to pay going from London to Kona. So I checked out a location I’d gone through to get to Los Angeles in September, namely, Oslo. I figured out that a flight from Norway would be cheaper than flying from London. But the catch was I had to fly over there, wait 8 hours and then fly back to the UK. Not that fun. But it was almost £400 cheaper. Now that’s a great set up. 

In the end my flights were:
London Gatwick – Oslo – London Heathrow – Seattle – Kona


So I do the flight and I sit in Oslo airport and WAAAiiiiiiiit… I think to myself ‘God, what on earth was that for? I just wasted a whole day to make this journey cheaper.’

I make it back to the UK and 11 hours later I finally fly to the US. 

Fast-forward to when we’re all making our choices for outreach. I go to bed thinking, ok God, here’s MY priorities for outreach locations: Nepal, India, Jordan.

I go to sleep, wake up and say, ok God, tell me what YOU want now. And right when I ask he says ‘Norway‘.

Immediately I say “Nope. Not happening. I just flew from there and I’m not going all the way back I mean COME ON!” Hahaha

But still that same quiet voice spoke and remained unchanged: ‘Norway’.

My heart sank as I realised this is him not me and before I can change my mind, I send my new list to the YWAM staff. 

Secretly I think to myself, send me to Nepal/India Lord, let there be a mistake! Haha. But of course my heart ends up in the same place and I submit this decision to him completely. And what do you reckon? I get Norway. Of course. 

I then thought about it. I remembered my question in Oslo airport and realised he had wanted me to go through Norway because it was significant and God was highlighting it before anything. Now, if something weird happens and for some reason I don’t go to Norway, I know that God is setting Norway as my priority in prayer and devotion for revival

I’m now SO excited for this nation and that’s not me lying or secretly wishing I wasn’t going. I believe that God is wanting me to go in order to clear the path made for the river of revival to run through! 

Our ministry in Norway will be to young people; students from high schools and universities. I’ve spent the last year and a half ministering to young people! 

Norway has a significant revival history already and I can’t wait to find out more. Once this nation was a warrior country and was full of fierce, violent people. He is calling this nation out of depression and passivity into an era of violent and strong warriors for Jesus! 

My situation now is that I’m raising money for the outreach fees so I can go at the end of March. I believe he will provide for his plans! 

I’ll share more about my Kona experiences in another post but just in case you were wondering, yes, I’m still being noticed for my beautiful British accent. It’s wonderful. 


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