7 Days

Hey all! 

One week completed! Whoop! 

First things first, I gotta say this: the food here at YWAM is AMAZING! It’s so healthy but tasty at the same time. There’s loads of veg and fruit and meat and I love it. I’ll be on kitchen duty Sundays and Mondays so I’ll be serving into a passion haha. 

The past few days have been about laying down important foundations, not just for our outreach in three months but for life! The focus has been on the secret place and how our intimacy with Jesus will always determine the long-term fruit we have in life. Our priority MUST be the relationship we have with Jesus and abiding in his love with rest. This has been powerful for me. I’ve been hanging on the beach alone with Jesus because that’s where I connect with God best. Andy Byrd spoke on this extremely well (btw I love Andy Byrd now haha, he’s so genuine and joyful and humble – awesome guy).

The second powerful thing has been getting rid of comparison. It’s a big thing in my life. Banning Liebscher spoke about this with great wisdom and it broke something in me that I’ve always felt, like I’m constantly in competition with others around me. But I feel his rest and peace so much more even right now. It was tested when I auditioned for the worship team for the Kona Prayer Room. I remembered that all of it is just to glorify him and I stopped feeling nervous and competitive after a while. 

Banning said if we want to just be amazing performers for God then our emotions will constantly go up and down depending on whether we think we did well. But if my focus is to be a son then I will always do well because I’m an amazing son. 

Tomorrow I’ll know where I’m going on outreach which is SO exciting!!! It’s funny because I told God my top choices before going to bed and then when I woke I asked him what he wanted. Different list to mine hahaha. Ah well, he knows best! I won’t say where I felt him point towards but I’m quite certain he spoke clearly. Can’t wait to see how he uses that time to blow my mind! And if God speaks about not doing an outreach for whatever reason, I’ll be so up for that as well!!! Anythings possible 🙂

Connecting with my 9 roommates has been amazing. I’m so blessed to be in a room of chilled, kind, passionate guys who like each other. It’s not always automatic and I don’t want to take it for granted! Living with them has not been a challenge for me (Not yet anyway haha). 

Please pray for God to keep giving me peace and a focus on his presence. Prayer for money towards outreach fees would also be amazing. 

So that’s my update, I’ll let you know more next time!



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